Help with fill lines.


Hi geeks i just wanted some advice about infils, i find that when i have done some after filling and buffing you can see a line where i have filled off the old acrylic. It doesn't happen on them all i just wondered if i am not filling the old acrylic smooth enough!

thanks geeks any advice welcomed xxx


try using nsi line out it brilliant i had the same problem before using this x

lotus blossom

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i wouldnt use line out atall
i would make sure that you have filed away all the lift properly
do you think it is a lift line you can see?


in agreement with lotus blossum, don't use line out.
always file behind the lifted acrylic until it 'pops off', then go over all with a 180/240 grit file to smooth. you should see no line between acrylic and natural nail.
then when you apply the new acrylic you should have a seamless re balance, with no lines.
the thinner the application the easier this is too.


Sleepy Geek Zzzzzzzz
I agree with Lotus....short term fixes like Line Out can often cause long term problems.

Make sure that all lifting is removed and the product has been blended well with a 240.


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i agree, line out is not really worth it. i have tried it and it made no difference. which made me think that rather than try to cover over what i had trouble filling, i should take a bit more time to make sure that it blends in perfectly. i also found that if you file on the lifted acrylic you will just end up chasing the line up further and further, so i now file just above and it comes away no probs and dosent leave a line xxx

fiona wallace

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....and please, please ensure that your client uses solar oil on her enhancements daily...your filing down for a rebalance will be SO much easier on you and the 'lines' you are talking about will blend much easier.