Help with matching Gelish and OPI colours, please


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Dec 31, 2007
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Hi guys! Just a quickie if any of my geeky pals on here are familiar with OPI and Gelish I could really do with some advice please :) As we all know the colours on the Harmony website are so hard to see properly! A lot of my clients have OPI on their toes and Gelish on their fingers or have old OPI favourites that they'd like to recreate with Gelish so can anyone help me with matching these colours?

Got the Blues for Red
Russian Navy
Mrs O'Leary's BBQ
Big Apple Red/The Thrill of Brazil
Nice Colour Eh?

Looking on the website it's really hard to tell the difference between Stand out and Black Cherry Berry; which is darker? It's also hard to tell the difference between Hot Rod Red and Red Roses; Is one more orange toned than the other?

I'd be so grateful for anyone's help. Thanks so much

Jude X


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Apr 3, 2011
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Hi Judy!
I switched from OPI Gelcolour to Gelish and asked exactly the same question you asked with regards to colour.
I think the closet to Russian Navy is Deep Sea
Big Apple Red I would suggest Hot Rod Red, I have that on at the moment and I would say its a pillar box red
For Got The Blues For Red it could possibly be better to choose Stand Out as like you said Black Cherry Berry is a dark red but not overly dark
If you find one for Mrs O'Learys BBQ please let me know.. I loved this OPI colour!
For Nice Colour Eh youll probably want a lightish red with a shimmer in but I dont know Gelish Colours well enough to be able to tell you.
Hope this helps you out a bit more x

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