Help with my hands!

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be
I have been to the doctors and all they seam to do is throw different creams at me that works for a bit but then stop working.
I work in a salon and it is now affecting this.




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You’re obviously experiencing an allergic reaction to the chemicals/solutions you’re using.

Have you tried wearing protective gloves, allergy free ones of course?

Perhaps though you need a referral to a dermatologist if there are no signs of improvement.

thanks for replying ive been using latex and powder free gloves. I've been going to the doctors every fortnight since January and been passed around to every doctor and they keep saying its either dermatitis or eczema. also i have recently had a few weeks off work and my hands then were still bad maybe even worse then when in work, but once back i haven't been able to control them and they are sore to even touch.


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Are you allergic to the latex? After eleven years of nails mine broke out just the same only not on all fingers, but typically thumb index and middle on both hands. I wore gloves whenever I handled acetone which seemed to help. At night I used sudocrem and during the day would reapply Vaseline or a lip balm to help the skin heal. I remember how sore they were so I do sympathise, it’s awful and I found it made me really irritable and I wonder if it affects your nerves or something.
Happily after a few months of this I seemed to come out the other side and haven’t had any further trouble. This was about 5 years or so ago
I hope you can find something that helps soothe them.

I'm not a specialist, however this looks very similar to what I have, Atopic Dermatitis (ezcema). I have had it constantly for years, sometimes it's so bad I struggle to style hair. For extremely bad days, I use nitrite powder free gloves, so I don't come into contact with allergens.

I highly suspect mines is linked to my dairy allergy and I am becoming more and more sensitive, as the years go by.
Now when dairy is totally cut out from my diet, my hand eczema goes pretty much overnight! (It can take several weeks for it to clear from my system with no allergen contact whatsoever). However it is very difficult to avoid dairy, as restaurants and even family/friends do not fully understand how food allergies work.

Maybe get your consultant to refer you over to a skin specialist? Hard I know, as I cant seem to get under one for how many years now!

What helped me narrow done the cause, was a detailed diary of my diet, stress and every day goings on. It took years for this to be pin pointed. However I am managing my long term condition alot easier than before.

I hope you get to the bottom of it. Xx

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Does anyone have any ideas what this could be
I have been to the doctors and all they seam to do is throw different creams at me that works for a bit but then stop working.
I work in a salon and it is now affecting this.

This is what my hands looked like when I worked in a coffee shop as a teenager. Every time I put the latex gloves on to serve a cake/the washing up gloves to wash up/the pink hand soap/non-latex gloves with powder in. All sorts can flare it up.

When I was at college my lecturer said if this happens to only wash your hands after a client because you have to protect your hands. Hard as when he said that i looked disgusted but actually when you are that sore you have got to stop washing your hands so much and putting anything on it at all. Even overuse of steroid eczema creams can make it worse sometimes. Get to the doctors again stat (you should never stop going if something doesn’t clear up) and don’t touch anybody directly as you never know, it could be tinea or something from doing pedicures.


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Does anyone have any ideas what this could be
I have been to the doctors and all they seam to do is throw different creams at me that works for a bit but then stop working.
I work in a salon and it is now affecting this.

Don’t know what it is Leah but it looks sore hope u get it sorted xxx
I did used to react to latex gloves I swapped to nitrile powder free did help, does it itch? My allergies used to itch and that would make it get even more sore, I started taking citirizine antihistamines and they did help a lot
Good luck x


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My aunt used to have this reaction from latex gloves. So maybe you can try avoiding them.


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How painful for you. You should avoid latex gloves because even if you're not already allergic as you might become allergic to latex proteins with your skin so compromised.

I used to suffer from sometching less severe and I got rid of it by 18 months of keeping my skin away from everything that might be damaging it. Which was very difficult. It took me about 14 years. (Sorry).

I always wore washing up gloves to wash up, even just a mug - and aired them out afterwards. I wore gloves whenever I used any solvents or cleaning fluids. I buy posh soap and body wash without any SLS in ((bars of natural soap are much kinder for your skin). I was ok at work because all the lovely oils and creams "waterproofed" my hands so that I could use surgical spirit on a cotton pad or wash up after a treatment without wearing gloves.

I forgot I was sensitive to chemicals and I stopped being so disciplined about wearing gloves.

However, I trained in myofascial massage techniques a year ago and I stopped using massage oil a few months ago...within 3 months my thumb started to crack. I watched it happen and every lotion I put on to soothe didn't make any difference. It's just avoiding chemicals that gets my skin back to normal.

Once it had started to develop it just got worse and worse, and to spread, so I knew I had to do something urgently. My halfhearted wearing gloves for big cleaning, but not bothering if I'm just sanitising a pair of tweezers, had to stop. I had to have a "no chemicals on naked skin" routine. I had a few days holiday at the beginning of September - no cleaning or washing up - and I genuinely expected my thumb to recover - it didn't at all!.

This gave me a bit of a fright so I became very very strict with myself. After 2 weeks of avoiding all chemicals without exception I could see definite improvement. After 5 weeks of my careful regime my thumb has almost completely healed.

My advice would be to get some tubular gauze and pop this over one or two fingers You need to cut off twice the length of your finger, slide it on, twist at the end of your finger and then double back. Tape down with hyper allergenic tape. Buy an enormous packet of nitrile finger cots (finger condoms). Pop a condom over your gauze whenever you need to wash your hands or do anything involving chemicals. Be very disciplined and keep this up for at least a fortnight and see if it makes any difference.

If it makes a difference then you can wear cotton gloves at work - buy several pairs and wash them with hyper allergenic wash powder. And wear a nitrile glove for anything wet. Be very disciplined at home - with washing up, with hair shampoo and with hand wash. Use aqueous cream to wash your hands rather than normal soap. Handle raw meat etc through a sheet of cling film rather than with bare hands that need to be washed afterwards.

If you avoid all the products that might be irritating your skin you have a chance for the creams your doctor has prescribed to work. If you have an allergy or sensitivity you can't expect your skin to get better if you keep exposing your skin. You also need a prescription product - just avoiding sensitisers won't be enough as your skin is so damaged.

Good luck

Please avoid latex gloves. I feel sorry for you.