help with pricing

:lol:Hi geeks

can anyone help me?I'm just starting out onlhave 2 clients at the mo,been busy making some leaflets and deciding hw much to charge my prices are below can i have your advice on what you think of them?

Full set of silk enhancements £20.00
Infill £10.00
Manicure £10.00
luxury manicure £13.00
shape and polish £5.00
Nail art 20p per nail


jac extreme

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I would say you need to up your full set and rebalance prices, your profile says you have been doing nails since 2005, so you should be fairly experienced by now and if you are confident with your application and are not having problems then I think you should be charging more.

I don't know what the prices are like in your area, but I would think that £30.00 and £18.00 respectively would be a good place to start, the rest of the pricing seems OK to me, although I would up the luxury manicure price a bit too.
thank you very much that has helped alot,i do feel confident with mysilk application now been practising since i finished college in 2005 so i will take your advice.xx