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Hi All

I have a bit of a dilemma. I've done my training and my practising, set up my new home therapy room and now I'm all ready to go on the spray tanning front. Problem is, I had worked out my pricing and was going to charge £20, however I've just found out someone working the other side of town is doing them for £15 (also when I spoke to her she said her friend is doing them for £17.50). I really wanted to start off at £20 as I think this is a reasonable price for the area and I think it's pretty difficult to increase prices once I've started, especially with the Christmas busier period around the corner.

What should I do? Stick to my guns or match her price? I've changed my mind at least thirty times today already!!

Thanks for any help.



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You could keep your price of £20 and then each client that you get for a tan give them a £5 off next tan voucher (state that only they can use it and put a use by date on the voucher) this will make them come back to you and they will tell their friends about you too,
don't do it at every visit, give them a voucher after they have paid for their first one and then give them another one when they next pay full price for a tan iykwim hth :Love:

Loulou Mc

Dont lower your price.

Just because someone else is cheaper doesnt necessarily mean the tan is better!

Stick at £20 - I believe this is a pretty standard price and thats a good tip about the £5 voucher.

Its better to have clients that will come back to you because you offer a great tan at a good price, not just because your the cheapest in the town!

Good luck


I agree, stick to £20. Its a pretty standard price to charge, and also then you still make a nice profit after you have taken out your costs etc. I think if the price of a spray tan goes too low it gets to the point where you feel its hardly worth offering the service!

Its not so bad if you work from a salon or home salon as you can figure out your overheads and stuff. Mobile tech's who have really low prices can make it hard for themselves as they have petrol and a cars running costs to consider plus the time taken to get to and from each appointment.



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I'm mobile and charge £25.00. I only reduce for parties of 5 or more or if someone has two treatments on one booking.


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I agree, stick to £20.People will come to you if they have had a tan before with the same solution you use.
I offer 20% off the next one or offer them £5 off if they refer a friend. People will always tell youb 'oh i get mine for cheaper' to make you drop your price. My attitude is, oh well go and get it cheaper somewhere else then lol



im starting up in spray tanning soon and there's only one salon in the area that does spray tanning and they charge £25.

i've read somewhere (not sure if it was this site or another beauty forum) that they were going to have on their spray tan posters/leaflets - introductory price of £20 - normal price £25. that way you're customers already know that their getting a bargain and shouldn't be hard to put your price up to the normnal price of £25

Shellie xx

Stick to your £20 and do special offers now and again. When I first started it, I offered 'buy one get one half price' for one month only. so they paid full price of £25 the got their second one within the same month, for £12.50 ~ that was REALLY popular! it got people knowing I had started spray tanning and it got them hooked on having them regularly!!! xx