help! xx


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i am taking my little sis to a dancing comp at the end of this month and was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on something different to do with her hair. i'm usually not bad at coming up with ideas but fancy doing something alot different. she has long hair so putting it up would be better. any ideas??:idea:

Lady H

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do you mean like hair ornaments or an actual style?


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yep, just something i can actually do with her hair. something quite easy, lol as there isnt alot of time really. :)

Is her hair straight or curly?


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its wavy. xx

Would it not be easier to get a hair up book from the library, it will show you pictures and how to do the styles step, by step.
It would be too difficult to try and write down and to explain and for you to imagine what to do.
Try Guy Kreamer or Patrick Cameroon books or web search.

Hope this helps, but hair up can be complex.


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Thank you for your help, will look into this and get some ideas.

Much appreciated, x