Henna brows stressing me out!

Hi need some advice/ tips for Henna brows. Only trained in Feb and thought it would be a great treatment to do but I feel a failure already! Hate having to work out what colour mixes to do especially for blondes and red heads. Skin stain either doesn’t work out or is too dark. I want to give up but I invested too much money. Clients are disappointed when I tell them the stain only lasts a short time they think it will last the 6 weeks. One client said it was false marketing!! Clients look at social media pics and bring them to me but I just can’t seem to get the same results. I could cry.... help.


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Sorry I can’t give any advice but I didn’t want to read and run! I’m doing my henna brow training at the end of April. I’ve had henna brows before and really liked them, so just keep practising and you’ll get there


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I would never advertise skin staining as one of the pros to henna brows, for the first treatment I prefer to put on and remove after 5-10 mins and repeat if I want darker, some henna you can layer, some you can’t. I use brow henna and find blonde 5 is great for most blondes and chestnut (I think is blonde 3) is great for red heads. My clients love it x


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In a trainer for Mina Brows. In the EU there is no safe and legal product which will stain the skin for more than a few days. You should not be marketing this as a skin stain as it is indeed false marketing. Henna is a brow hair tint which lasts for 6 weeks +

My students do really well with Mina, I've just had orders for more henna from two students who trained with me 2 months ago. In their starter kits was enough to do 15 sets of brows in each shade - and they now need more henna.

Thanks everyone for your reply. I think when clients see pic on social media they have higher expectations. They don’t realise once the tint fades from the skin that their own eyebrow shape will return! Iv started to tell people the stain is just a bonus but that the henna colour on the hair is the benefit for up to 6 weeks. I would like to see what all the ‘perfect’ brows look like after a few days rather than just initially after the treatment. I think I’m just a worrier and overthink the treatment too much!


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I quote 4 weeks for a return appointment because the brows will need shaping. Also it's not unheard of for the client to get her tweezers out and start "maintaining" the shape.

This client came back because some "holes" started to appear in her brows. Hmmhumm! Tweezers I sensing am!