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I use Nouvatan and love it but some of my girls have the 20% and r finding it is becoming too natural looking...they want it to LOOK like they have had a tan.any suggestions for a DARK tan!!??thanks :)


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:eek::eek::eek: all that time and money spent perfecting a product to look so natural that nobody can tell its fake down the drain :lol::lol:
we actually do have people phone up and say they like the orangey fake tan look of other products and ours is too natural. you cant please everybody
I believe LA tan do a disco tan that is very brown looking you could contact them for a sample ?

I use la tan. I love their colours because i find them natural looking and have great fade off , however lots of my customers go clubbing in newcastle and love to look really dark. I find using their fast tan but leaving it on for same time as normal tan gives my customers a look they are happy with but is still a really nice colour and not orange !!!! I have tried a lot of dark tans as that is what is most popular around here and think this gives nicest results for me x

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I have never tried the nouveautan but heard really good things about it. I am thinking about getting some :)
Nouvatan is amazing!!! I have 3 die-hard St Tropez ladies that has made the change, they LOVE the colour, smell and say it lasts amazingly x
Natural looking all the way for me and my clients :) they love it!! And I'm thrilled I chose Nouvatan:!
I love love love Nouvatan! I use the whole range on customers but personally have found, on me, that the 16% left on overnight is darker than the 20% rapid tan. My sister left the 20% on overnight (a little experiment we were doing!) and it looked lush! really dark, but she is dark toned anyway. It is trial and error with all colours I think, I will never leave Nouvatan but wouldnt mind a slightly darker too - which isn't orange based! xxx