High frequency - brain hemorrhage


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I have a client booked in for a facial to have milia removal and I want to do some high frequency on her skin after the extractions. My client suffered a brain hemorrhage many years ago and I’m a bit unsure whether or not it will be safe for me to use high frequency on her? Does anyone know or able advise please?

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Maybe get her to ask for GP approval.


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Although high frequency current does not pass into the body - it's superficial, I would stay clear of ANY electrical treatments on this client just to be absolutely safe. You won't know why she suffered the haemorrhage and if she still has any underlying conditions.

If she's coming for milia removal, I'm guessing you want to HF for the anti-bacterial properties?
Instead of using HF, I would suggest just cleansing with an antibacterial product after the removal process to sanitise the area.
You could use steam before the removal, which would make it a more special facial for her?


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Thank you both :) yes I want to use it for antibacterial properties and I find it calms the skin slightly after removal. I always steam before to soften the skin and the way I was trained was to use HF after.
Thank you very much for your advice I think my client will appreciate me asking for doctors approval for that before she comes in too.