High Lift Wella

Just wanting to see why people think...
I had a client in today who said she had bleach roots 9%, no toner just silver shampoo...I did this however the roots were very warm compared to the ends and I ended up having to tone anyway...natural colour is just slightly darker than a 9/04, just seeing whether maybe using high lift would be better to achieve a cleaner result without having to tone in the future?

If it was a full root application 9% is a bit much if she was as light as a base 8/9. Usually 6% is more than enough (unless you are lifting a base 5 or darker) and making sure your application is a thick layer and cross checking develop for 45 minutes - 60 minutes. Use a silver shampoo like a toner, apply to the root then pull it through after 10 minutes or so. Hopefully helpful. A

I just went off what she said her previous hairdresser at another salon has used, she had a lot of warmth in her hair whereas her ends were white blonde/silver...I did a silver shampoo before the toner and the mid band of the hair was so porous it grabbed to the shampoo straight away, so I was even more paranoid about getting any toner/silver shampoo on there and it grabbing too much...which is why I was thinking using high lift tint on just the roots to lift and colour it x

High lift will probably look even warmer against the white ends even if you use the coolest tone and develop for an hour. I'm not familiar with Wella bleach however 9% will lift quicker and as a result will bring out the yellow tones, the lower the developer the the slower the lift but the cleaner the tone. Application is key and if the mix is too runny it will breach the old blonde hair, make it super white and will grab any tone and make the roots look warmer too. If she ends up coming back in for you to redo it maybe mix your bleach with like 3% and develop it for 20 minutes then silver shampoo it.


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You shouldn't be using 9% on the scalp it's too strong, can cause burns.

Use 6 and then tone,it's healthier for the hair.