Highlighting Cap


Hey guys,
I don't use the cap very often but when I was working in a salon I was taught to brush all the hair back and then put the cap on, now in college we're told to leave the parting in and then put tne cap on.

Just intrested in how you all do it?

Personally it's nog how I like to do my highlights but we use it loads in college and a lot of customers request it.


i use cap on quite a few clients who want very fine highlights i use plastic caps and not rubber and i always put it in parting then do it as when its in parting i can see where i want to do the highlights xx


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yes, I always put it on with the hair parted and fringe/front down as it gives you a slightly better chance of getting them in the right place.


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I use a h/l cap cap. I pull the hair back ! I like the old cap but do more foils, its a shame that people have this idea that it is old fashioned, if the hairs a reasonable length, no flashes ect needed and only needing one colour (although I have one client who has 2 colour, front and sides different from back and nape because of her natrual hair colouring ) I think alot of the time its quicker than foiling and because the colour is put on at the same time you dont need to worry about dev as much.


I was worried it would give a stripy look leaving the parting in?

Lilly, how come you pull the hair back?

I don't like the cap because i think it's old fashioned it's just because I like to have more control over where I am putting my highlights.