Hive roller wax advice please


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This is my first post. I am looking for advice on a roller wax kit. I've decided to change from spatula. What are people's thoughts on HIve? I would really like to change heads between clients so do I buy multiple heads and the refill cartridges? Do I need two heaters to alternate between clients? any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance


I used to use this because I was mobile and I had a heater that had 4 or more slots. The heads have a no return valve as far as I remember so I would bin the head and keep the rest of the wax in the cartridge. For eyebrows I just dipped a fresh wooden spatula down the neck of the bottle. I used to heat the wax up, then drive to my client and plug it back in.

I didn't get on with it tbh, the wax cooled down faster so to get through 1 leg wax I would have to alternate between 2 cartridges- it was a nightmare if I could have I would have used a pot!