Hive wax heater and gold warm wax


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Jun 6, 2010
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Does anyone have the Hive mini waxer useing in conjunction with hives gold warm wax?
I have just set my equipment up for a little practice on my husband, it was a fruitless task as he was flinching and squealing when i sprayed the pre wax clenser on let alone the rest of the palava!
I wanted to ask him how it felt did the wax feel a good temp on his skin ect ect USELESS
So if anyone does use this kit what number do you put the temp dial on?
I did my training with creme wax so im not even that confident about the consistency!
Im having my two sisters let me wax them tomorrow, i just dont want to look completely dumb as i dont think they are taking me completely seriously!
You want your wax as fluid as you can get without being too hot,Im not sure what temp it should be on but why not practice on your self even if you havent got any hair to wax.It will just help you to get the temp and texture right.
if you have the temp right you will be able to run down from knee to ankle very thinly with very little wax and effort.

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