HMRC guidelines for determining self employment

Discussion in 'Business' started by Haircutz, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. miss_eve
    This thread is great and infuriating at the same time. I've been self employed for almost 3 years and it is so annoying that these are just guidelines as the salons I've worked for self employed have all dictated to me what to wear and working hours... there have been days where I have been in the salon on my own with a few or no clients and not getting paid for it. I drive 18miles each way to get there so it costs me. I'm getting to the point of thinking it's time to move on. I'm trying to push my mobile service as I love the freedom I get from that. I literally can pick and choose my working hours. But then I think that working with other stylists with years of industry experience will help me to continuously improve which is also what I want... I guess I need to find the right salon for that
  2. Haircutz
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    HMRC will determine if you're employed or self employed based on your situation.

    The guidelines are there to help salon owners and stylists understand how HMRC will view the most common arrangements that exist.

    If you are self employed and feel that the salon owner is trying to treat you as an employee without the perks, give the owner a copy of the guidelines.

    If HMRC did investigate your arrangement, any future staff they take on are likely to be checked out too so it's not in the salon's interests to get picked up by the HMRC radar in the first place.
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  3. Fabby
    If i am an full time employee, but i rent a chair part time in the same salon and am treated as a chair renter as a chair renter with my own bookwork, own products, colours etc, is that allowed?
  4. Haircutz
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    Interesting question, but not sure how that would work in practice?
  5. Fabby
    5 days a week I am a full time stylist but more of a colourist preforming traditional and modern dressing techniques. One day a week I work as a devacurl trained stylist using different methods entirely and breaking all of the ‘rules’ of hairdressing, it’s a different clientele alltogether

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