Home insurance?


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Hi everyone, I have just insured myself with salon gold.

I’m new to starting up at home, do I still need to let my house insurance know?

And does anyone have any start up tips that they wish they knew :) thanks

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Yes, I had to change both my buildings insurance and contents insurance. It didn't actually change the cost of it, but at least they can't not find that as an excuse to not pay me out should I ever (hopefully never) have to make a claim.

It's down to the fact it's not just a residence but now a place of work,melting the general public onto the premises. And if any of my equipment or my working ways should be the cause of any damage.


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I also had to let my home insurance company know that I was working from home. They didn't allow it so I changed to another company. You also need to let your mortgage company know.


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You need to obtain permission from your main home insurer and landlord/mortgage company. Also, check if you need any permissions/ special treatment Licences from your local council.


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I've just renewed our building and contents insurance with Homeprotect. Their policies are designed for home businesses.