Honey blonde 7.34 permanent colour?


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Dec 5, 2011
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Hi geekies,
I'm desperately trying to find a permanent as possible 7.34..for myself as my semi permanent fades so quickly. (It's also a box colour!!)

I also need to ombré dye my extensions which are #27 at the moment.

I use wella and loreal colours.. But couldn't see anything on the colour charts to match my hair at the mo. (I've seen online there is a 7.34 on the colour chart but It looks so orange! And I don't remember seeing it on the chart in Sally's..)

If I got a majirel 8.34 could I then drop it down to base 7 by mixing in 7.3?
Or if I can get the 7.34 I could tone is down a Bit by adding something to make it less copper?

I did Lots of strand tests today and I think I need to use a base 6 on my extensions to match up with my hair.
So could use 6.34 for them maybe? But I'm scared they might 'grab' the colour?

I used 7/73 koleston on my hair today (midlengths and ends) which has blended it (the ends were pretty faded to blonde) but after researching I'm thinking about trying a dialight over to add more golden tones. As ow i realise 7/73 has green in it- duh!
But they only have 6.34 or 8.34.. No base 7.. Could I make a 7.34?
Again with 8.34 and 6.34?

Argh Sorry, I've been out of colouring for a long while! So really need a second opinion.

Thanks :)


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Sep 10, 2013
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Perth, australia
I don't know wella but if u want to drop a level a 6.3 + 7.3 will only drop it 1/2 a level if u want to drop a full level you need to do 7.3+5.3

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