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Hi guys.
I’m getting fed up of hot wax setting in the heater. Every hot wax I’ve tried does the same. The wax is melted all the way through first thing then turned down between 57-60. 60 is a bit hot to use but sometimes I need to turn it up to that between clients just to get the hard stuff off the sides and melt enough wax to go round. Luckily I don’t have any more than 2 clients in a row as I can’t imagine there being enough melted in between clients Hollywood’s etc. I’d like to use hot wax on those who find strip wax tender on their eyebrows but this is almost impossible to use on the brows as it sets on the stick. The strings of wax go onto the clients hair and doesn’t remove the brows as it was too cool when applied. Is there a best wax for facial areas that doesn’t set on the stick in the air?


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It sounds as though your wax needs to be at 60° and you need to wait just 3-5 secs before spreading it on your client. You need to practise Twirling too hot wax on your spatula until it's at the perfect just dropping off the spatula consistency.

Put your wax pot lid on in between waxes to help stop the wax from cooling as fast as its melting. What size is your wax heater? I've got a baby wax heater for facial waxing but I find it too fiddly. The wax cools too fast with the lid off.

It's quite normal to have a semi solid mass of hot wax in the middle of your wax pot and melted wax around the edges. You need a spatula stick in the centre to help you turn and control the melt and lift and reveal ready to go melted wax underneath.

I use a 500g wax pot for hot wax, in between clients I pour a little wax into the edge of my pot and stir this into a mass keeping a portion of the melted wax free of the addition. If i don't top up I can do 3 intimate waxes in a row. By topping up I can keep going all day.

Also different waxes work best at different temperatures. I have one wax that needs to be 60° with the lid on and at 63° with the lid off and I need to hesitate before applying it as it will be too hot unless my client is cold. I have another wax that is much too hot and takes forever to cool by twirling unless I've got it at 57°, even when the lid is off.
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Ah. Ok so it’s normal then. I do twirl and hold it to let it cool but it often is still too hot. I am trying lots of different waxes though right now. Because I rarely do more than 2 Hollywood’s in a row I do replace the lid. I’ve also tried turning it up and keeping the lid off. I do tend to keep a spatula in the pot to turn the wax around so it seems I’m doing everything I should. Just perhaps a matter of finding my favourite waxes and what works best in my heater/room/hands. So far I’ve found Ashmira to be similar to use as Kim Lawless. Wax Expert in blue was slightly nicer to work with and now I’m about to try various Outbacks Organic Gold. All good fun.