Hot wax


I recently trained in Advanced Waxing with Sienna X and I’m using the Peppermint Creme Hot Wax for intimate waxing. I was talking to a friend and she said she uses the S-PRO hot wax as it’s much cheaper and still very good.

I really like Sienna X but it’s much more expensive than other brands at the wholesalers and I’m trying to watch the pennies as I’ve only recently opened my salon. I do realise however that sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

I haven’t used hot wax since college so I have no idea how good the other brands are but have always been happy with Hive/Wax Master for warm wax.

Thoughts anyone? Has anyone else swapped from a more expensive brand?

Thanks x


To be blatantly honest IMO it's all in your technique and not so much the product. Most products are derived from a standard formula with a few tweeks here and there. I've used Salon systems cool and hot wax for years with no problems. Spend some time getting used to a cheaper product and you'll be able to manipulate it like a pro in no time and you'll save the pennies.

Hope this helps

Nicky x