How are dip powder systems sanitary?

Hello! I would really love to purchase a dip system, but my nail instructor advised otherwise. She is unsure how a dip powder can be sanitary as the client's whole finger is dipped therefore leaving skin cells in the rest of the powder. I figure they wouldn't be allowed to produce these products if there was a question of clients' health. Any insight? Thanks!


I don't own a dip powder system, but I have read that it is perfectly sanitary if you allocate a separate disposable portion of the powder allocated to a specific client rather than dipping the client's nails in the whole pot. You could also sprinkle the powder over the nail using a tool making sure that excess doesn't fall in the pot where the product is.


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As long as your clients wash their hands before treatment and use antibacterial hand wash I can't see how it can be a problem. Getting the client to wash their hands before a treatment is standard practice isn't it?


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As long as your clients hands have been cleaned and had anti bacterial products applied there should be no problem. The product that actually touches the skin tends too remain in contact with it anyway so it's no different then applying another other nail product providing your prepping correct xxx


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I think it would be fine. You would use the same polish on loads of different clients, dipping the same brush in and out the bottle. I dont think using this would be any different to be honest xx
I use Slickpour by Young Nails and it is a pour system - not a dip system and any leftover product is then disposed of - not returned to the pot - so the one I use is fine :)


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We need to keep a perspective.
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