How do I take the leap with lashes?


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Jan 12, 2021
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Hi all!

I trained in classic lashes and lash lift back in September. I have had limited practice on friends and family due to the various lockdowns etc.

I am very confident with the lash lifts and confident in the products that I'm using. However, the same can't be said for the classic lashes. I have practiced on friends and at the 2 hour mark they are fidgeting and by then I stop as I lose my confidence and my work starts to become not as good. I can see my work has improved although have never completed a full set as I believe it would take me to the 4 hour mark. I have a mannequin head and various lashes to practice on too.

I would love to start charging for the lash lifts and get the business going even if just to build my confidence and see a bit of a return. I am going to be home based and would be in the evenings and weekends as I work full time also.

I feel as though just lash lifts are not enough to get me started and this is adding pressure to get the classics right so I can offer a bit more. I know this will take time with practice although it's starting to take the joy away that I had when I started doing them and making me less keen to do them at all.

I have seen online courses in brow lamination/brow waxing with my lash trainer and wondering if its worth doing or if I'm being impulsive!

If anyone has been in a similar position or has any thoughts let me know 😊


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Nov 29, 2007
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Dont be too hard on yourself especially if you have just trained and the current situation is tricky enough as it is especially when you are still practicing. Rather than start another treatment I would persevere with lashes first and then once you feel confident in that treatment start looking at the next one.
I personally think that lash lifting would be a perfectly good treatment to start and it will give you experience in dealing with clients too as its not all about the treatment but there is a lot more to setting up and running your own business and if you are confident in lash lifting this would be a great start especially if you are just doing this in the evenings or on weekends and it will still leave you a bit of time to practice lash extensions and then when you are ready you can add this to your treatment list x


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Oct 18, 2010
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It really is all practice lovely, I’d try and master one before moving to other courses... you might find yourself in the same boat, not being able to practice etc.

have you tried the doll heads with fake lashes to practice on? It’s not the same but could really help your speed x

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