How do you clean your foot files?


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I have the creative foot file (the newer one) and having done my own feet with it last night I am wondering how on earth you get all of the skin out off the file. I have washed it in hot water but it still looks like there is some skin (ew) left on it - how can I make sure it is really clean before I use it on others?



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If you are using the newest Creative foot file, it is made of nickel, and should be washed with soap and water and a nail brush, then sanitized/ disenfected in a virucide solution for at least 20 minutes. :) This is actually the routine you should follow for ALL of your implements (pusher, nippers, etc.).


yep i agree and do the same but i use a little scrub brush, not a nail brush. I scrub it all out with the brush and sanitizing liquid and then spray with disinfect and put away in an airtight bag. I do this with my files and everything except the metals get boiled then sanitized and bagged. the plastics get soaked in solution after a scrub, then bagged etc


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My nail brush IS a scrub brush ;)

I don't mean my L&P brush lol.

ANd I soak EVERYTHING in a solution- a virucide, fungicide, and anti-bacterial, then put them in a clean- closed cabinet.


LOL i know you wouldn't use your nail brush, i meant a nail scrub brush. One that you scrub under your nails with. I dont use one of them, i have a spesh brush for cleaning these things, it's got a handle, nice strong bristles and everything.:green:

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I got some really cheap foot files at the show and use a separate one for each client. Afterwards, I wash, sanitise and wrap it in cling film for the client to take away with them. I think that it is a nice touch at a cost which is built into my pedi price.


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I use a saucepan brush, the type with the long handle and yes it is a different colour from the kitchen one and the one I do the dogs bowls with:green:



I clean mine with a copper brush (you can find them at a shop where they sell chiropodist stuff)
And then i sanities them:)


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I got some great files that are not particularly foot files (the big square ended ones) for a very good price.
I scrub them with a brush, sanitise, then give them to the client as a "bonus".

A file (particularly a washable file) doesn't have to have the word "foot" in front of it's description to make it work on feet.

EG: Put the word "wedding" on front of anything and it trebles in price.