How do you make your compress towels smell nice?


For those that use a hot towel cabi, how do you make your compress towels smell nice?
Obviously keeping in mind these go over client's faces, so shouldn't be anything that will sting eyes or react with skin.

I have heard of things in the past, like spraying them with something, or putting something in the hot towel cabi with the compress.. but not sure where to start with this.

Any ideas, or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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I use mitts for facials and I tend to dunk them in a bowl of water with essential oils (lime or orange always nice) but if you wanted to add straight to the caddy, instead of diluting the essential oil, you could just pop a few drops straight in to the bottom.
As you say you could spray them, just dilute a couple of drops of essential oil with water in to a spray bottle or you could use a hydrolat.

Matthew Taylor

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Hydrolats are a great option to spritz directly onto the towel upon taking it out of the cabbi.
You can use hydrolats lavishly as they are water based and will make your towels smell amazing. You could select lemon for a fresh clean aroma, or perhaps rose for an uplifting comforting scent.