How do you motivate yourself ?


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I am seriously lacking in the motivation department at the moment and really need a good kick up the backside ! I read all the threads from geeks with so much enthusiasm for their new business and I have none of that !!!

I have worked from home for the last 3 years and before that worked in spas, salons etc and not sure what I want to do next. I was considering returning to college to do a spa management course with the view to working in a spa afterwards but I am hoping to get pregnant this year so would be unable to have half the treatments on the course and obviously it wouldn't be an ideal time to get a new job! So I have decided to put that on hold for at least another year.

I do like working for myself and love my regulars but I feel like I've come to a dead end when it comes to progressing my business. Does anyone else feel like this ?

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I could give you some airy-fairy business speak answer.

But the reality of what motivates me is fear.

Fear of not being able to work for myself, in a job I've wanted to do since primary school, and fear of having to go back working in an office for and with people I can't stand.

It's exactly why I work like nutcase now, and do ten times as much work for myself as I would doing it for someone else. Not every day is brilliant, and you do get a little jealous of people who can clock off at 5.30 and leave work behind (I've not had the TFI Friday feeling for years because I tend to work at the weekend too!) but I literally dread not being able to work on my own terms.

I'm sure that's not very healthy- but it's true!


Could it be that because you're hoping to have a baby that that thought is overriding your business at the moment? I know both times I was pregnant I completely lost focus at work (I wasn't in beauty/holistics at the time though) because I had something way more important to think about :) Maybe you should continue as you are for now then re-assess once you've got your family sorted? You might find your priorities are totally different and the right life course finds you, rather than you struggling to find it.


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I agree if I were trying for a baby I think everything else would seem quite boring.

Personally my motivation is to try earn enough to drop my day job.

What if you took on some other smaller project that you can do within the timescale before you have a baby? Either just doing a one day course to pick up a new add-on treatment, or organise a pamper event locally? Xx