How do you remove the glue build up on your hair extension heat connectors?

It's getting quite expensive to replace them everytime the glue build up becomes to much and scrapping the glue off is so time consuming any ideas on ways to remove the glue build up would be greatly appreciated x x
I always wipe mine with a cloth every now and again as im doing the fitting so i never get a build up xxx

It is quite hard to get rid of it once it has built up too much. Just wipe it with a cloth of remover when cold or heat it up and put on a heat protecting glove and remove it with a wipe. But try to make a habit of doing it after every client.

I just put paper or cardboard in between mine when it's hot to remove the glue. X


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I just let it cool and before I pack it away pick it off after each fitting.. Seems the simplest way to me!

I have no idea about this, not my field but I use wax product remover on loads of sticky surfaces. It's less than a fiver for a big bottle, maybe you could wipe that over the glue to remove? X