How long can I keep the solution in the gun?



I'm still fairly new to tanning. I did a a tan about 2-3 weeks ago and still have some solution in my gun. Is this OK to use or do I need to empty it out?

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I wouldn't use it after that time. It will probably have turned a slight green colour. If I have solution left in my gun after I have done a tan, I pour it back in to the bottle straight after the client has left. If you use a funnel, its easy to pour the solution back in to the bottle. I also clean my gun out after I have had a client, if not, the parts of your gun can get clogged up with dried up solution and clog the sprayer which could stop your solution spraying evenly.



I always pour it back into the solution straight afterwards - any longer than 30 minutes I chuck it out. I clean the gun with water and spray through to make sure all the tan solution has come out the spray gun after every treatment (unless a pamper party where they all want the same colour) x


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Pour back, any unused product, IMMEDIATELY.
Clean out gun
What is in there after 3 weeks, stored incorrectly, will look like pond water!:eek: