How long do you spend on a pedicure?


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Hello All,

Just out of interest wanted to know how long it takes you to do a pedicure?

Just standard pedicure including;
  • soak feet
  • cuticle work
  • cut & file nails
  • foot scrub
  • hard skin removal
  • massage
  • varnish
How long do you spend on the foot massage?
How much do you charge?

Love Emma x:hug:x


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Hi, it usually takes me an hour to an hour and 15 complete the steps you described. My timing depends on how much sloughing of callouses I need to do. I've not timed my massage but I've never had any complaints. :)


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1HR 15 MINS for me too and I charge £30 I do 10-15 mins foot massage depending on what state the feet were in.


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For a standard pedicure, I try and keep it to 45 minutes. For a luxury, 1hr to 1hr15mins x


Around an hour !



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For a full on CND Raw Earth pedicure, with Callus Peel, I'm looking at about 90mins. I charge £35 for the pedi, and either £15 or £20 for the Callus Peel.
For a "standard" pedi I charge £25 and it takes about 40 mins.


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A standard pedicure with the steps you describe will take me 45 minutes (£20) , a full pedi with mask and longer massage I will take up to 1hr (£24).


45 mins to 1 hour, cost £22 - £30 depending on the type of pedicure - basic, luxury or callus buster.


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45 mins for a standard and 1 hour for a luxury. I dont have a specific time that I spend on each part of the treatment. If I need to concentrate on removing dead skin then I will cut the massage down, unless of course the client isnt bothered about the dead skin xxx


1hr - Basic pedi
1.5hr - Spa pedi

**Same as kylieb, I spend more time focusing on the problem areas and will cut my time in others.
**You should charge taking into consideration your product costs, and the ambiance of your spa/treatment room (if you are working from home, obviously you would charge less than a five star hotel).

basic pedicure (as you described) 45 min , 55 USD
spa pedicure with a mask wrapped in plastic then placed in heated boots, hot towel treatment, and a longer massage 1 hr , 75 USD


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Thanks for all your replies,
I too can take anything between 1 - 1 1/2 hours, it really depends on how much hard skin they have and cuticle work to do.
I am really trying to stick to an hour though,
I charge £18 for my pedicures and £20 for french varnish!
Emma x:hug:x