How long does an LED lamp work for?

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Give it a good clean, I noticed a few random issues a few months back, had a good look at the round clear covers over the bulbs and noticed loads of product on them where clients have knocked against them putting their fingers in. It took some gentle scraping, and wiping with acetone but I got it off, hey presto no more lifting issues.
Yes! Where clients toes lift up during curing random bits end up covering the bulbs. I once peeled off a whole chunk from a lady with uncontrollable feet


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The 50,000 hours often stated is the life-cycle of the LED's. In addition to these there is the electronic controller and power adapter. If you get more than 2 years from a lamp, I'd be happy given the cost and return on investment. What I am less happy about is buying a £4500 MacBook and before that high-end laptop PC's and needing to replace that every three years.


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Yes exactly, and someone who represents CND the company who actually make my lamp. Instead of listening to someone who claims to do their own research but not be qualified to do any and who doesn’t actually research for a company and won’t give much away about who they are and trolls around on here hmmm I wonder who I should listen to
I think some of you guys have a grudge against me because I know so much, lol. How can one person be so smart, right? Well, like I said, my skills and research is to help others. You guys are just taking it the wrong way. I've been a member since 2016. I don't have time to troll you, so don't think so highly of yourself.

To answer ops question, "how long does LED lamp work?" requires highly specialized knowledge - knowledge that a front desk worker wont' have, and thats exactly who you spoke to. You know how I know? Easy, because of the answer they gave you. :)

Ive told you guys already what I do. I do research. It sounds vague, but don't let that fool you.
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I think the op has has her question answered so I’ll close here :)
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