How long should it take to remove lashes?


I have been doing semi permanent lashes for over a year now and infills are no problem, however I trained a couple of months ago in the 2 week lashes and find when I go to remove them its taking ages up to an hour.

This is what I do;
tape lashes down
put remover on 2 micro sticks and wipe it down lashes
gentle massage remover in
continue to do above until all lashes are off

am i missing something out?

I have also tried differnet glues and remover to see if it was the product but no its me!

annie x


Hi Annie
It should not be taking you an hour my lovely. If I am doing a full removal it takes about 10 mins from start to finish, if I am just removing the odd one or two badly behaved lashes at infill time it only takes about 5 mins. I read your method of removal and it sounds fine so it must be something else. Can I ask are you using a liquid or a gel remover?
Lee-Anne x

Miss Pink23

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Definitely use a gel remover not a liquid or you really will be there ages and more chance of remover getting in clients' eyes.
I place tissue over bottom lashes then get client to close eyes, then put gel remover on and leave to do its stuff. Then I use 2 eye shadow applicators and rub the lashes between them to remove. You may need to apply a little more gel, but it shouldn't take any longer than 20 mins maybe a tad longer if they are a VERY full set.


Have tried both liquid and gel (only gel now), mayby not putting enough on, have a set to remove on friday will try more gel and time myself, thank you both.

Annie x


Thanks for your advice, managed to get them off in 20 mins, I wasnt putting enough remover on :o

Annie xx


Hi could I just ask do any of you find the remover stings clients eyes? I've found with quite a few of mine they say it stings I use salon systems remover and only use a small amount just wondering if it's this remover xxx


The remover does sting because I done it to myself, thought I was going blind. I was trained to dab the micro sticks onto some couch roll to remove the excess liquid

Are you ladies using a liquid or a gel remover? Gel has less chance of getting in clients eyes and therefore stinging due to it's consistency....


I always use a GEL remover, because there is less risk of the product getting into the client's eyes.

Recently I changed my bottle of remover and found that the new bottle (same brand) of product worked faster. IMHO I think updating products periodically is good practise.



It's liquid that I use but I always remove the excess and only apply a small amount it only stings for a second but just wondered if there was a better remover that's a bit more gentle? Xxx

Removers as a general rule are not gentle - to work effectively they have to be strong enough to break down the glue bond. Remover should also not be getting into the eyes and therefore stinging. I'd say grab yourself a gel remover and see how u go - remember the gel only needs to be placed on the glue bond, give it 5 to work it's magic and then use 2 micobrushes to squeegee the glue bond between the brushes. I don't find that my client complain of stinging eyes when I do this.