How many businesses are closing due to Coronavirus?

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I’m mobile & have now cancelled appointments for the foreseeable future. Feeling calmer now & clients have been great!


I’ve closed today. Definitely the right thing to do


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I’d really appreciate some advice! I sent out a mass text and email to my clients announcing I was going to be closed until further notice a week ago, and I still have clients messaging me about coming in for their lashes. I try to explain that I’m not comfortable working since my mother (whom I live with) is at risk, so I’ve been self-quarantined and want to reduce the risk for my clients and myself getting sick. But some of them are still giving me attitude about me being closed. Or making me feel guilty.

I’m surprised that they even want lashes given the growing severity in my state. I don’t think they are taking it seriously since the US hasn’t been very proactive about quarantines. I’m scared I’m going to lose all my clients that I’ve been doing for years because they aren’t willing to wait until I reopen, which I can’t give them a for sure answer about how long I’ll be closed. I see so many people with such understanding and patient clients and I just don’t have the same experience.

What would you suggest I respond to them? It’s making my quarantine even more stressful because they are all so mad at me for being closed. But I don’t want to take any chances! I just opened my business on January, so it’s not like being closed is benefiting me in any way.

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If they are being rude tell them you've been exposed. That should shut them up.