How often can my client have a spray tan?

Hi guys,

I have a client who I tanned last week, she's going away again this weekend and wants to book back in on Thursday for another tan. She's still got some Colour left on her so I'm worried that if I tanned her again so soon that it would leave her patchy. Can anyone offer any advice? It would have been around 9 days between tans if she has a second one.

What's everyone else's thoughts on this?


House Beauty

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As long as she is exfoliating and have a really good go at it again before spraying it will be fine.

I never do top ups anymore, I sell removal mitts, tan extender and gradual tan to almost all tan clients. It works out better for them and saves them money over time so they don't need a top up for a least 3 weeks.


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If you you a dark tan it should stay on her for at least 10 days. I wouldn't do another spray unless she was completely free of tan.


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I tan myself every week and it isn’t patchy. I exfoliate well and moisturise so wear off is even