How short is too short to wax?

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  1. blossom
    Is there a way of describing to clients when they book for waxing, how long the hair needs to be? How short is too short? Something basic like if they put a £1 coin flat on their leg, the hair must be longer? Or something? I'm booking people in but really no idea if they'll be good to wax when they get here, just hoping as most have been waxed before.

    Is 3/4 weeks growth ideal or can it be done shorter?

    And if I attempt to wax, and the hair is too short, what's the worst that will happen? Will it just not remove or might I do damage?

    (I'm fresh from my course and only doing strip wax (cream) at the moment.

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  2. CFBS
    I say half a centimetre to my clients, but a bit longer is better.
    Once you get regular waxers, they will fall into a pattern. Everyone is different but as a simplistic guide:

    Lip, chin, brow waxing 3-4 weekly
    Underarm - 4 weekly
    legs - 6 weeks

    During the summer, leg waxing moves to 4-5 weekly

    If you wax an area and there are some hairs left, take them out with tweezers..."Just going back for the shorties"...
    Then put your after wax lotion on. Don't show them in the mirror until you are happy you have got them all out.
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  3. blossom
    Fantastic, thank you
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  4. KrisKross
    ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1511556562.171621.jpg I tell my clients at least 3-4 weeks growth... i.e. Hair needs to be length of a grain of rice.
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  5. blossom
    I love this. Thank you so much
  6. pure
    Staff Member
    I usually say an uncooked grain of rice
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  7. FlawlessBeauty
    I also recommend a grain of rice. If the hair is too short you won't cause any damage but the hair won't come out.

    I also tell my first time clients it's best to wait 3-4 weeks so they get a longer lasting, smoother wax x
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  8. blossom
    So if I wasn't certain, I could try a small patch to check if it was long enough?
  9. CFBS
    If a client arrives and when I look , the hairs look quite short I say " oo, quite short today! I can probably get 80% out, do you want me to go ahead?" Then they always say yes and I carry on, tweezing what I can at the end.

    After I've finished I tell them that there might be some hairs that come through in the first week "the ones that weren't there today"
    And advise that they just shave these off and then let all the hairs go through at the same length ready for their next waxing .

    This way you've told them it's not going to be 100% removal and you've given them a choice. Avoids any whinging
  10. blossom
    Amazing advice thank you
    I will do exactly that.
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  11. cloughers
    3 weeks from shaving, 4 weeks from waxing. They should be able to grab the hairs with their fingers.
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  12. joe90
    Step away from the tweezers! If you start tweezing at the end of a service you will not get the hair on a proper growth cycle and you will be tweezing those same hairs out at their next appointment.
    First appointment your client need to refrain from any hair removal for 3 weeks if they hsve been sh as bing, 4 weeks if they have been waxed elsewhere
  13. pure
    Staff Member
    Could you explain how that works please? I was taught that as long as the hair was removed at the root, regardless of the method, then you can achieve a proper growth cycle. Waxing, sugaring and tweezing all remove from the root. Why would tweezing as part of a service jeopardise this?
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  14. joe90
    Bu tweezing those small hairs you are creating a whole cycle of its own but not in a good way.
  15. pure
    Staff Member
    How? If they’re being removed from the root at the exact same time as the other hairs which are waxed?
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