How to achieve more blonde highlights


Hello I am over from the beauty side, I hope you can help me.

I used to have all over scalp bleach blonde hair, but now for about a year I have been having bleach blonde highlights.

I feel my hair isn’t that blonde anymore and a week after having my hair done I felt like it already needing redoing.

I’m having it done next week and am not sure what to ask for- I normally have fine highlights, there is a lot of my natural colour (my hairdresser weaves my hair and does one bit bleach and leaves the other bit my natural dark blonde colour)

If I ask for thick highlights instead of fine (and ask for a more fine weave of my natural colour) would this make my hair look more of the blonde.

Sorry if this sounds confusing I just want to be prepared when I go do I can ask for the correct thing- I asked last time I had it done, I said I wanted it really blonde as blonde as can get it but maybe I asked wrong or she misunderstood and thought I meant the highlights to be really blonde rather than h amount of highlights.

I’m basically looking for an all over bleach blond look with highlights?


Sorry just to add- I really like molly mad from love islands hair, I can’t workout if she has highlights or all over bleach? Do any of you hairdressers have an idea what she has?


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In majority of her pictures it looks like a scalp application. As for your highlights, be careful asking for thicker highlights you could end up with highlights from the early 2000's
A slice gives more coverage than a weave. But when a slice grows out your root will be more obvious. If I was to do a consultation with you and you told me this, I would probably still do weaves but I'd do a lot and close together.


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As @ronray says, if you ask for a particular technique, then if your hairdresser isn’t skilled at consultations, they might just do exactly what you asked for without really checking if that’s the look you want. Especially, if they assume you’re fairly knowledgeable.
(I did this once years ago when I was newly qualified as I assumed the client knew what she was talking about because she was an artist and knew all about colours and tones etc. Turns out she didn’t actually want bleach blonde highlights but very subtle highlights! I had to tone them down. :eek:)

You’re better off showing your hairdresser pics of what you want/like/don’t like and letting them decide how best to achieve this depending on their knowledge and ability. Also, I don’t follow any insta huns/reality tv folk, so I definitely need pictures because I won’t have a clue who you’re talking about. :p

Hairdressers that don’t want to see pictures are more likely to have a limited repertoire of techniques and you could walk out of the salon looking like a clone of all of their blonde clients. :confused: