How to ask for help with a colour!

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When posting a question requesting colouring advice please consider the steps below:

1. Accurately describe the current state of your clients hair using technical terms - base & tone, if relevant. Please do not say 'bleached blonde, highlights, red etc.

2. Be clear about what your client wants to achieve, again 'caramel highlights or blonde ombré' means different things to different people.
Include a picture, if that helps.

3. Advise which colour house you will be using or are familiar with. Not much point advising you which Goldwell colours to use if you only use Wella!

4. Make some suggestions about what you think might work. Include the techniques you plan to use e.g. Foils, balayage etc.

5. Ensure your Geek profile is up to date showing your level of experience. You will need to do this via a web browser rather than on the App.

6 Please be prepared to give further information, if asked for. It may seem obvious to you, but we've not got your client sat in front of us and we're trying to get a mental picture in our head. :o

7. When answering queries, please remain professional and polite. If you feel yourself becoming annoyed with a poster, don't bother replying.

8. Genuinely lighthearted comments are normally fine, outright sarcasm and rudeness is NOT!

Let's keep this professional and helpful! :lol:


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Well said :thumbup:

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Yay I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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Thats why we <3 you

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jenny miles

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I'm so glad the issue of politeness has been brought up. I really hope people take note of it because as much as I love this forum, it can be hard work at times!!!lol xxx

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Wow, I have read comprehensive points on how to handle clients in case they want something new to their hair. I agree that as much as possible you must clarify details to clients and must get specifications on the outcome they wanted to be otherwise it will end up blaming you.


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Can I use wella koleston color 33/66 with 0/68 (violet special mix ) on virgin hair color level 3 , using 30 vol developer to get a subtle violet tone ?


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Thank you and yes I am new to Salon Geek , I'm sorry .
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