How to gain clients from the hairdresser?

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I have been doing nails and beauty for 19 years and currently work from home. In June I started renting space one day a week in a hair salon.

Although I have gained a couple of clients from her it’s very slow, I have spoken to the hairdresser and she seems to think that her clients think I’m too expensive compared to what her ladies are paying for who they are already with.

Do any of you have any ideas on how I can entice them?
Thank you


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You need the hairdresser to be pushing your services to her clients, not agreeing with them that your prices are too high! :rolleyes:
Sounds like you need to gently coach her as her sales technique sucks.
Offer to do her nails at a substantial discount on the proviso that she tells every single one of her clients how amazing you are and how she’s so pleased that you’re working in her salon etc.
Have a card with an introductory offer on that she can give to her clients to open the conversation. Consider giving them a discount on their first 3 appointments so that they get used to coming and feel comfortable with you.


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When I used to work in the hairdresser, I used to go up to ladies that were having a colour and introduce myself and ask them if they want their nails doing while they waited. I also used to walk around the salon with my emery board just giving quick shape ups for free and then ask them if they want to book next time. Being proactive is key.

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Thank you great advice so far

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Any more advice anyone? X

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Amazing advice on here, I would also have my nails done ready and offer the ladies coffee while in the chair or a top up. You could offer a mini service for while ‘in the chair,’ like a hand massage for 5mins complimentary when you are quiet. Mention if they are dry/need cuticle work and could use a luxury manicure, would you like to book in now I have a space on x’ or ‘shall we include that with your next hair booking.’

To this day the most pampered i’ve ever felt was when a i got my nails done in a hairdressers and needed a fringe trim. Two men working there gave me a hand massage at the same time while I waited for free and it was amazing. I’ve been to champneys and aqua sana and salons all over but nobody has beaten this cheap and tatty looking place for a welcome and luxurious feeling.

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Yes thank you everyone I will take any advise given on board x

I use to give the ladies a free hand massage to entice them to book. Hairdressers promoted me too.


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When I worked in a salon, there were four beauty ladies upstairs who would mainly keep to themselves. One would join us in the staffroom for chats and would sometimes do my nails or give me a facial for free. I always told my clients to book with her. I also did her hair too so she advertised me also.
Could you learn a new type of facial or something that you can hype up a bit and offer to try the treatment on her?
That way it's fresh in her mind and she can talk about it with potential clients, also you can ramp up social media x