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Lena Lee

Jun 26, 2015
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Hello Beauties! :) I'm a qualified beauty therapist who has spent the last year training as a Functional Medicine Life Coach. The programme was equivalent to a Masters in coaching. Now, I'm competent in helping people implement changes to calm and sooth any gut issues such as IBS and bloating and in helping them sleep better and worry less. Having worked in the beauty industry I am aware of the stress it can create and the many diets beauticians try that fail in the long run. Coaching empowers people to move forward with any goal they have in mind such as finding a better job, loosing weight, creating beautiful skin, healing relationship issues or finding a work life balance that works for them. I’d love to find 5 more clients to gain my certification in December

My website is being built and for now, people can contact me on, [email protected]. The programme was taught by Chris Kresser’s Team. I wonder if you know him? He is the New York Times best selling author of 'The Paleo Cure' and one of the top 25 Functional Practitioners in the world. If you know anyone who needs support, coaching would be a win situation for them and a win for me. They get coached and I get certified. Thank you for being a resource, best xxxx

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