I could cry, Easilocks have ruined my hair. Please can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by chocheaven, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. chocheaven
    I had easilocks fitted approx 5 weeks ago. Just 40 bonds in total. To be honest I didn't really like the texture of them and thought they felt "fake" against my naturally fine hair.
    I decided I wanted them out, they were annoying me...but I could cry! They have made my hair even finer than before. I looked after them really well as was so paranoid to keep them nice so I can't understand why they've done this. My own hairdresser (who didn't fit them) said she did think they were quite heavy for my hair.
    When they were removed I could see all the hair shedding that was in the easilock :(

    I had them done as I've read so many good things about them and the hairdresser that did them (she has done other people I know who have been fine) was adamant they wouldn't damage my hair.

    So I'm looking for any advice at all of what products I can use to stimulate the thickness and growth of my hair.

    I don't know whether to have a few extensions put back in but see if they can be split in half to make them lighter as I feel so self conscious I can't wear my hair down. What should I do?

    Please can anyone help?! X
  2. cassies97
    You shouldn't be alarmed by the hair coming out. You lose 100-150 hairs a day, times that by 7 and then times that by 5; thats between 3,500 and 5,250 hairs in 5 weeks, no wthink about the hairs that are stuck in the easilock and can't freely fall out because they're trapped in a bead, they all come out when you have the extensions out.

    Damage would be bald patches and snapped hair.
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  3. chocheaven
    Hi cams97, I totally get that and had read about the hair shedding. But my own hair now naturally feels so much thinner, it's wispy at the ends compared to how it was before. It looks as though my hair has shredded at the ends, not snapped as such but definitely been weakened and come away.

    Do you have any advice as to what I should do in terms of refitting them or how I can treat my own hair to stimulate the growth?
  4. cassies97
    If your hair is really that fine the safest options are tape ins or clip ins.

    Nioxon will promote hair growth.
  5. KHS
    Also bare in mind, as your hair is naturally fine and you've just had a few weeks of thick hair, your natural will appear evdn finer as that extra bulk has gone, it'll take a little while to get used to your natural hair again
  6. chocheaven
    I know what you're saying but I know how I used to be able to style my hair before and I definitely had more volume at the ends. I'm so upset, I wished I'd never had them in. My hair was nice before, I only wanted more thickness, and now I've ended up with horrible hair. It will take ages for it to grow
  7. ChiWow86
    The extensionist should have checked your hair to make sure it was strong enough to hold the extensions Easilocks usually reccomend their tape hair for customers who have damaged or fragile hair. I'm so sorry you have had such a awful experience I have had easilocks in for a year and a half and it has actually grown and thickened. My hair was thinned from years of using clip ins. I'm sorry to hear your experience was so different to mine and truly hope your hair gets back to normal soon. There's a thickening/ hairless shampoo that's supposed to be amazing ill find the name and post it here. Xxx
  8. ChiWow86
    Kerastase and Redken both do hair regrowth shampoo's that have very good feedback also Lee Stafford does a shampoo to help re growth that I have heard a lot good things about Although I haven't personally used them. I had problems with hair loss from severe anemia many years ago and used a scalp cream from Nexxus on my bald patches. I found it really worked. xxxx
  9. Sadieross
    Hi Hun, did you ever resolve this with Easilocks? Did you get a refund?
  10. sassystylist25
    was your hair cut prior to fitting?
    as usually a stylist will trim and/or thin out the ends of your hair 'choppy' so you don't have a blunt line of your own hair visible in extensions. it doesn't matter if your hair is thin or thick sometimes some cutting will be needed.
    how often did you straighten and style your hair with the extensions in?
    personally i style my hair more often when i have extensions in by straightening etc... this coupled with the fact its a bit harder to get heat protectant products and organ oils etc to the ends of your own hair in between extensions can weaken the hair and then once the extensions are removed it's like 'shit, why are my ends thinner?'
    i also take more time straightening my hair as there is more of it. heat damage is one of the main culprits for wrecking our ends sadly!
    how long did you wear them for?
    to ensure the ends of your hair are in tip top condition 6-8 weeks is recommended for a trim, or a 'tickle' as i call it if my clients are growing their hair just to seal off the ends and avoid splitting which = thinner ends. obviously its impossible to trim your hair while you have extensions in that is why it's important to really get in-between the extensions and use the correct products avoid excessive splitting.
    there are many factors that can make your ends feel thinner after extensions have been removed, and it is always trial and error when you wear your first set of extensions xx my advice would be have a trim and treat your hair to a nice hair mask to promote elasticity and strength xx it is not the extensionists fault nor a fault of easilocks xx

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