I did it wrong !

Posh Paws

I have not done any nails for 2 whole weeks due to a holiday ......

I had a client last night lucky it was a friend .......

She wanted a gel overlay so i preped the nail ready applied my sticky layer and cured then i applied my white and cured and then thought i would experiment and put glaze n go over white ....... can i do this ?

all looked good when she left 5 mins later she called to say 2 of her nails had peeled i assumed it was because i did not put on another coat of gel over white before glaze n go !

I buffed nails and started from scratch again she was pleased i was pleased.

Anyway theses lasted 1/2 hour before the same thing happened i have been confused all day long but what i have just realised is .........

Now did they peel because of the bonder or did they peel because i applied glaze n go over white tip ?????????????????????????????????????????

Cant belive i have done this !:mad::mad:


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Routines are there to be followed for a purpose. You must follow them.

You most likely had the problem because you forgot the bonding agent! That is basis for the whole foundation of the enhancement.

Posh Paws

Routines are there to be followed for a purpose. You must follow them.

You most likely had the problem because you forgot the bonding agent! That is basis for the whole foundation of the enhancement.

I know and a big :Grope: for me i just lost all insight of everything and i dont know why or how......... really really bad i know ........ it was almost like i had forgotten everything that i had been doing so so well with until i had that break i really am feeling quiet bad and couldnt possibly feel any worse especially because i know i have done it !:Grope:

i also know the importance of bonding agent how on earth did i forget what was i thinking .......... :cry:

Guess i best screw my head on :idea:


Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Maybe a little too much chit chat with your friend ... it's easy to loose concentration and we have all done something similar once upon a time.

I remember in the early days, when I used primer, and after a new but VIP client ( she was Lady XXX) had left me I realised I had forgotten to put the primer on one hand.

I sweated for 3 weeks thinking every day she would call and complain that all her nails fell off that hand ... BUT SHE DIDN'T! Her appointment came and they were all perfectly fine. Whew!! I didn't forget again after that though.

Don't dwell on it. It's all part of the experience.​


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I remember a client ringing saying i had taken down the length on 1 hand but not the other (at her re balance apt)...i though she was mad...why on earth would i forget to do that...anyway asked her to pop back just to keep her happy....SHE WAS RIGHT !!

Gawd knows how i managed that !!!

Classy Claws

Have no fear we've all done it at some point

A few months back I had this nasty woman in, rushing me, whining, I swear I could have slapped her :smack:

and u know what I forgot?

Forgot to scrubfresh one hand lol... thankfully they all stayed on!

but I was magically extremely "busy" come her next appointment. :rolleyes:


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This is turning into a thread about our cock-ups!! lol

When I started out I changed from using a one phase to a three phase gel, got in a muddle with a lady who wouldn't stop talking and used the top-coat sealer for all three layers:o Oopsy! They mostly peeled off and tbh I only saw her once more . . . . but the good news is I have NEVER done that again! lol Learn from your experience I say, don't beat yourself up, learn and move on:hug:


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When i was trainin i always followed the sequence to the letter ie i always used my balance bond, primers etc, then one day i was doin a set of gels on my own hands and didnt bother usin balance bond as i was in a rush, i just wiped over the nails with acetone to remove any residue!!the strange thing is the nails lasted forever!!!they were way better than any time i used the bondin agents, has anyone else done this???!!!and have you got the same result??!!!


Here's one more to make you feel better.

I was cleaning up after doing a NNO about 2 wks ago. Started sanitizing files and looked at my blue spongeboard and thought 'hey I didn't even use that...' I FORGOT to buff her nails to remove shine!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

I thought about confessing, but thought I would wait and see. So far no problems - and I see her almost daily. Just goes to show how well Bio adheres! If she has problems this week, I will tell her it was my mistake - don't want her to blame the product.

I couldn't believe I did that. And yes.... way too much chatting!:rolleyes:

Gettin Nailed

I think forgetting to prime is something we all have possibily done in our early days of training or starting out. I remember my 2nd client who came to see me, she only wanted a gel overlay. I was so stressed about ensuring about gel application routine went smoothly that I clean forgot about the liquid bond. She of course rang the next day to advise the overlay had peeled off. Being all apologetic, I re-applied the product, I buffed back the existing product (well what was left) and ensured I preped, and applied all required for long everlasting enhancement.

But must admit, when you have a chatty client and most of mine are ( all secrets shared), it can break your attention to detail..... Now I only talk to the hand........


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Hi Posh, don't beat yourself up about it too much:hug:
At least you know never to do that again!
Mistakes are invaluable for learning:)
Note I haven't included my mistakes to this thread

Posh Paws

oh i feel sooo much better now :lol: xx