I don't want an ombre effect

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So I'm an esthetician and not a hairstylist, but my good friend is a hairstylist and that's who I visit for my hair.

Right now, my hair is pretty much all one colour on the ends, and I want it to have more dimension on the ends. It has dimension higher up, but I can't seem to explain to her what I want. I show her pics and she always says that it's pretty much what I have, even though I try to say that I like the dimension throughout. I'm probably explaining it really poorly to her, and I just want to explain it better, without inadvertantly offending her. Please help?


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Ombré is taking a section and blending the two colours together where they meet so that the darker colour gradually becomes much lighter on the ends.

When someone asks for dimension, this is one option you can try...
Straightforward highlighting where you weave a fine section and apply colour A, every 3rd section apply colour B and then when it’s all foiled, you go inbetween the foils and colour all the rest of the hair with colour C.

Is that what you’re looking for?

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Yes, I think that's what I'm looking for!