I have multiple green nails!


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I just recently started wearing press on nails to try and kick my nail biting habit! After three different sets of nails, I’ve noticed 4 of my actual nails are a bright green color! After some research, I believe these are greenies. I am not sure how to prevent this from happening in the future. I always disinfect my nails with alcohol before applying press on nails. The nails do not fit perfectly so I’m sure water gets in whenever I shower/wash my hands. Does anyone have any advice? I would really appreciate it! 874B98C0-3512-423F-A465-9B6F384D8A77.jpeg


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Unfortunately press ons are made to only wear for a short period of time. The glue lifts and water gets trapped which is the perfect birth place for Pseudomonas (greenie) only thing you can do is let it grow out. I would suggest doing an enhancement acrylic or gel overlay.


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The only nail enhancement that stopped my 58 years old sister from nail biting was a full set of very short extensions...worked a treat.
Nail techs will not treat pseudomonas nails , but you could have the unaffected nails done and look after the one problem until it's ok again.
On that nail You will have to either wear multiple coats of nail strenghtener , or resort to nail polish applied every other day so that you can monitor the infection and promote a heathier nail the old fashioned way .
Thankfully you have identified a problem before you get it on all of your nails.
Good luck


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@Citkt has said its just 'greenies' - not pretty but nothing to stress about, its also known as a bacterial infection, its not an 'infection' as such and not 'catching' or transferable. Its basically where bacteria has got trapped between the natural nail and stick on. The green staining is bacterial poo, as soon as the bacteria is exposed to oxygen it dies but the staining remains until it fades or grows out. There is absolutely no reason why you can't have a professionally applied set of overlays or extensions, as the tech will use suitable dehydrator and primer to ensure the nail surface is clean and bacteria free before application.

Personally I'd use a clear product to overlay and polish so I could check at next appointment, but wouldn't be expecting any ongoing issues