I need a course in hot waxing for the bikini area

Hi would love to hear from any one that has used or uses this method of wax for the bikini area playboys,hollywood, once mastered is it better to use than strip wax. Are thier any good training places i really dont mind travelling. I know they prefer this method in london.

Just slightly scared of using it as iv been using strip wax for 6 years and no one uses this method im the area that i am in. I though it would be great in gaining knew clients.

any advice or tips would be great


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I've used hard wax, but don't really get on with it too well. I always end up back using my strip wax.

If you check out Lori Nestore's website, she has an amazing training video for sale. Eva's Esthetics

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Elite in castleford do courses why not pm lily im sure she could help you..


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yeah elite do the brazilian courses run by hive and gigi i think , i think there is one on soon actually , go to Elite Online - Nail & Beauty Wholesale and pm lily , she will let you know , hth dee x
I must admit, I do bikinis using hot wax, find it much less painful and had great results, TBH

Pinks Academy in Derby do hot waxing and Intimate waxing courses to either the Guild or NVQ level

Welcome to pinkstrainingacademy.com speak to Kirsty.