i think i want to do hair !


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Aug 13, 2004
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I've got somthing been niggling at me for a couple of years now - i really fancy doing hair.

What advice would you lovely hair peeps give me...

What's the best way to train? In salon? college?

I have a particular interest in colouring - could you do 'just colouring' (is that a stupid question!:green:)

I may not pursue it but i'm being very drawn towards it !!

Thanks geeks xxxxx

amb x

becki x

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Mar 11, 2006
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Hemsworth west yorkshire
Well first of Amb,lot's of hair messers have a specialise in one aspect (after gainning the full and relevant qualifications :rolleyes:)

Secondly i would advise you to speak to Nikki and Jo ,as you know they are doing haidressing and as working mum's i think their input would be invaluable as they are in a similar situation to you.

And lastly,if it's niggling you,give it a go,what have you got to loose ?


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Apr 16, 2007
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Earley, Berkshire
Hiya, I did a short course, think it was 8 or 10 weeks, one evening per week. It was called Cut Your Family's Hair. I felt it was a good way to gain some insight... I personally hated my hands being cold and wet (it was middle of winter) and I kept grazing my knuckles with the scissors - ouch! I'm glad I did the short course because I think it made me realise hair was not for me, whereas if I had started an NVQ I would have probably dropped out. I would imagine to specialise in colouring you would have to be fully trained first, then you would probably have to work in a salon as if you were self-epmployed your clients would want more than just colour x


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Aug 22, 2003
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hi hun, if your thinking about i , i would do this NOW its just thr right time to apply if you want to go to college,
i applied in january and got my place and enrolment all sorted for that september.
you would do the level 1/2 mature. from sept to the january or april you will do level one. from then you would do level 2 from then and continue it from the september so do 2 years then go onto level 3...which is your advcanced cutting and colour correction................i love the colour aspect too.
my college the matures do full time which is 3 fulldays at college from 9.30 till 4pm...............the boys go to after school club for an hour................
i was nervous applying as i had never had anything to do with hair, and thought most would but we where all in the same boat, it took a week of a few nerves to settle in but i love it............the gaes are from 42 down to 19 in my class
ring your local technical college now...and get the ball rolling if you change your mind later down the line you can......but apparently hairdressing and beauty you need to apply early...................
anything else just ask mate .

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