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Dec 7, 2014
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So I went and got my hair cut at a hair school. Honestly I've been ill so I don't really care if a mistake or 2 is made. That's to be expected as students are learning. And I am aware that students are all at different paces. My problem is not with the student at all but the teacher.

Now the student followed instructions which was good. But I went through little to no consultation. at the basin I had mentioned I want to get layers but that was something I mentioned and wasn't asked about. I never had my hair analysed. I was just taken straight to the basin.

Now I am also someone who is growing out my fringe (or bangs) and the teacher (not the student) cut into them and left a huge chunk missing.

As you can see on the right my fringe is butchered. The teacher cut my fringe. Now if a student did this I would be okay but I feel teachers should at least be teaching students consultations. I even stated when she picked up my fringe "Please don't touch my fringe. It's fine how it is" and she said "I'm just blending it in". So she failed to listen to the client and to have any foresight into why I would not want my fringe cut. I just feel so angry that our students are being taught bad habits like this in schools. I feel like teachers should be teaching the importance of doing a consultation and communicating with the students.

It's really making me want to become a teacher because realistically school should be a foundation of education. Teachers and schools are supposed to follow a standard and train good habits because salons are variable. It just really angers me that there are so many bad schools out there. I saw a lot of things that were not being told to the girls. A ladies foils bled and the girl was basically gestured to cover it up. There were so many faults in the school that seemed really negligent on the teachers side. Obviously the students will slip up. It's a school. That is why they are there and why there are contracts to ensure that people understand they are students. But Teachers should have a very high standard when it comes to their own skills. We shouldn't be hiring people who teach bad habits. I don't know. I just feel like its just such a big problem if the foundations are not being put into these students education. It's just going to set them up for failure. Even if I am a hair model I feel as though I should still be treated as a client and still should have some form of consultation because models are where students can practice and make mistakes with their consultation. But they ought to be taught to do the foundation of what sets any appointment. How can they know how to find out what the client needs if they don't get trained on how to do a consultation?


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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
That does sound frustrating.

Teaching is like any other job. With some staff, if they aren’t sufficiently motivated, they won’t put effort into doing their best.
In some FE colleges in the UK, staff are being asked to teach additional non hairdressing classes such as basic skills classes but without having adequate training or experience to teach it properly so they find it stressful and become disillusioned with the whole situation.

Having said that, I can understand your frustration with the teacher supervising your session. If it had been me, I’d have probably queried the poor consultation and I’d have definitely complained about the fringe cut. That’s truly shocking and I’d have expected better of the tutor. I’d even be wondering if they were a qualified hairdresser in the first place?

As you say, having good consultation skills is the key element they need to learn in order to carry out a competent hairdressing service. :eek:

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