IBX gel polish peeling and bumpy

Hello there. Wanted to ask a question regarding IBX please and gel polish not lasting the distance. I'm very thorough with all my prep and ibx is no different. I can visibly see the improvement that IBX does, However ive found occasionally i find little bumps after the product has been wiped and cured (dry bits of nail that is damaged maybe)? Also one client (which i have now lost) and my daughter have found that gel polish is peeling off very quickly after treatment.

I had a client who came to me with terrible nails as she is a cleaner after several months we have restored her nails to health however she just couldnt keep her gel polish on. I thought she was secretly a picker as it was peeling so fast (one of them was the same day strangely) i dont have this with anyone else. shes changed jobs and had a month off and is now having a friend do her gels which last 3 weeks apparently with halo. So far ive had my mum, my daughter and a client have polish lifting with cuccio, glitterbels and ibd. Can anyone give me some advice please - i dont want to think that ive caused a client to leave me.


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Hi there,

I use IBX and cuccio and have no issues with either
Are you curing with the correct lamp, for the appropriate time, hands place carefully in the lamp to get direct curing, product not too thickly applied? Just some of the usual reasons for product failure.
I have had a lady today - shes is a cleaner and uses nitrile glove all day and I mean an 11 hour day, so wet with sweat all day! Her cuccio nails last beautifully well. I always ensure I use full fuse all over her nails and deffo 2 top coats and seal the free edge with my brush in the reverse position. I hope that makes sense. Had her nails on for 3 weeks and she wants to leave them on for another week!

Pickers are always a pain! My dear sister is a prime example......I am afraid there it nowt you can do for them - just let her go and accept she needs superglue not gel!

Ibx is fine, perhaps you need to smooth the odd tiny bumps you may find after your strenghten layer has been warmed into the nail and then cured and before you go ahead with the gel application.

Go back to the training manual and have another look to see if there is anything missed or you have forgotten. IBx doesn't make gel more liable to fail , there is a reason usually which may be your clients lifestyle or undercure perhaps . I am only guessing , so I hope that helps you out.
Cuccio have launched their rubber base coat and builder base and these two additions to the range may help you out enormously, but please ensure your lamp is compatable too.
Good luck

Hi there. Thanks so much for replying. Yes I buffed over a few bumps. However rhey were only occasionally. I used its sparingly too so I didn’t flood the nail. You can see a ridge where it’s been when it grows - is this normal. Yes this lady was the same regarding hours of cleaning. Her nails were pretty broken and bendy when she arrived and at the time of her leaving she had just half cm to grow out

all my prep was correct, cleanse nothing left on nail, ipa cleanse and we even used Cuccio fuse.Nothing was staying on her. I do think she was a picker which aggravated it but I’ve had the sane issue with my mum and daughter wirh ibx now. I haven’t used it myself as I wear acrylics. It’s such a good product at repairing the nails although I’m dubious of using it again. Might start trying it out on my toes.

Ps. Yes. I have the top asp lamp which is 405nm and is compatible. I don’t have issues with normal gel polish etc x


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I don't get a ridge at all when the ibx is applied,warmed in then cured. Are you removing the product that hasn't been absorbed by the nail with a lint free wipe and then curing? Is this the ridge you mean? Cured ibx that's still sitting on top of the nail?
Or are you using IBX Boost which is like a hard gel and needs a rebalance or can be soaked off. I am just trying to think about what is going on for you.
Speak later x