Igora royal coloured mousse help


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I bought some igora royal. Colored mousse thinking it was like other colored mousse where you apply to hair and blow dry for a touch of colour. But the igora royal says to washout after about 5 mins for subtle colour and leave on hair for 20 mins for deeper result. Rince out then blow dry. Is this more. Of a semi? It says lasts 6-8 washes.


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The Igora expert mousse is a semi-permanent colour.

Great for refreshing services/ pre-pigmentation/ or subtle colouring for colour shy clients.

5 mins dev will just tone/refresh.... The full 15 mins will deposit maximum pigment and tonal direction. Love these :)


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What would you charge for a service like this?


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Old post but, how much would you charge for the expert mousse?

like how much extra on top of your blowdry?