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Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by izzidoll, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. izzidoll
    How many threads start like that or the other favourite.....I've just popped over from Skin/Nail Geek......

    This notice is right at the top of the Hair Forum have you seen it?

    If you are looking for advice and you are not a hair professional, then please post your query in the Consumer Queries forum.

    I know it isn't there in the App and a lot of geeks use that, therefore I am hoping they will read this thread ;) and get the message!

    There have been a rash of threads like this in recent days/weeks and it really should not be happening.
    Similar notices are at the top of the Skin and Nail Forums but it only seems to be Hair that has this problem.
    Long term Geeks should be well aware of this fact and yet still think they can 'pop over' and ask their fellow Hair Geeks how to fix/colour their own hair.

    So what is Consumer Queries for?
    Well I can tell you it is NOT for asking how to DIY your Hair Nails or Beauty treatments ;)
    It is for non Pros to ask about training to become a Pro, what advice we can give on hair/nail/skin problems and what professional services and products (retail) would be best for them.

    I have posted this is in Hair as this seems happen more on this Forum.

    Also if you are not a qualified Hairdresser i.e an Extensionist who has no training in cutting and colouring then you should also be aware that our experienced and highly qualified Hair Geeks are only going to advise you to get this training and not give you instructions on carrying out these skilful treatments.

    Have I made things a bit clearer?
    Absolutely everything cannot be covered in the rules(some people seem to think we have too many already :eek: )and there are some grey areas so if there are things you aren't clear about Consumer Queries...ask away!
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  2. mm29
    Consumer queries is on app now
  3. izzidoll
    Yes, I know but unfortunately the Notices at the top of Forums about what should be posted in The Pro Forums is not on the App.
  4. mm29
    Ahh got you,
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  5. KayaPapaya
    Thank you for posting this reminder. :)
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  6. jojemac
    That makes things a lot clearer,
    As you say you don see that on the app so I didn't know (guilty as charged for posting a "just popped over from..." Post today :D

    I shall know for next time. Only thing I do find with the Consumer Queries section is you don't tend to get many replies, and those that do aren't professionals. So for instance myself seeking advice regarding a course etc its a bit pants :)

    But I do totally get that people don't want the hair/skin/nails/biz forums full of those sort of posts. X
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  7. izzidoll
    Your 1 Day massage thread has been moved to Consumer and I think you did get some very helpful responses, but you do raise a good point here!

    I think Consumer has been neglected in the past, but this was mainly because it was not viewable on the App but now it is.

    Hopefully another result of this thread will be that people will check out Consumer more to see if they can help out our aspiring professionals.
  8. babychops
    I have noticed a lot of people asking how to colour their hair themselves and what to use although they are not professionals, I don't mind helping people but they have to understand that we have gone to college to train for years and its not just as simple as mixing a colour together and "slapping it on". X
  9. persianista
    Maybe we should form agreement amongst the hair geeks to only post colour advice in tech-speak. 1/4 7cc+ 1/4 7n +6% is a lot harder for a non pro to fathom, and if you can't fathom a recipe, you shouldn't be colouring...
  10. KayaPapaya
    Personally I don't think anyone should be given ANY colouring information till they've given their own ideas.

    I mean we're hairdressers aren't we?

    If we're working/studying we should have access to at least one shade chart to give us a heads up! And if we don't have a shade chart, why the heck not!
  11. skingeek78
    I have never understood why anyone would attempt to colour their own hair anyway. I have tried it once, I was 14, I have very very dark hair, it was very very long and reasonably thick. I wanted it blonde like all my less dark friends :-D I didn't get blonde lol...no more DIY for me...enough said
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  12. babychops
    I agree with this. There are a lot of posts with people wanting to know what colour to use, for instance saying they want a dark brown. Surely you and your client can look at a shade chart of all the dark browns and choose? I know some people want to know about a specific colour or something isnt coming out quite right, but it seems some are to lazy to really think about it and want someone to tell them what to use x
  13. Chantelle<3
    I think this forum should only be for professionals !! X
  14. izzidoll
    This would be impossible to enforce.....the majority of Geeks haven't even filled out their profiles properly or updated their qualifications when that facility got added!
    Also who would police it? We Mods are too busy moving threads to the right Forum, editing Trade prices from threads and putting Capital letters at the start of titles, in between refereeing and sorting out the spammers ;)
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  15. Rachel123
    I only recently joined and don't even know how to fill out my profile!!
  16. Noodle
    Staff Member
    Click Settings, click Your Profile, click About Me and edit as appropriate.
  17. lydia c
    That's a good idea , if I wasn't a hairdresser and someone threw numbers and letters at me I'd wander what they were talking about ! Great idea I think Xxx
  18. Rachel123
    I must be technophobic as I can't find click your profile!!
  19. Rachul123
    Yeah it is, I tend to ask questions first if I'm unsure. About natural and desired depth/tone etc. Alot don't bother replying if they don't get an answer straight away x
  20. izzidoll
    I don't think you will if you are on the App you need to switch to a browser to see the whole site and then you will be able to edit following noodles advice. On the app you can click on your Avatar and see what information you put on your profile but that is all.

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