I'm not a Hair Geek, but...........

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by izzidoll, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Rachel123
    Ah I see. Tks a mil will try later!!!
  2. izzidoll
    Well I only had to move 2 threads to Consumer this morning, and delete 1 post!

    Maybe the message is getting through ;)
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  3. izzidoll
    Bump :irked:
  4. izzidoll
    As a lot of what should be Consumer Enquiries are still being posted in Hair, I shall make this Stickie so that it doesn't drop down the boards, and get missed ;)
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  5. Donzz73
    Well said! It's our profession, if you want it train for it
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  6. JemmaB
    Bloody hell that looks like algebra! !
    Great idea though x

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  7. Andrea85
    Please post this is the Skin Geek too. So many people join in make up threads who aren't make up artists and it drives me. I feel like it's not taken as seriously as the hair professionals but I still think it is wrong for anyone to post whatever they want in these and it devalues my knowledge and training.

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  8. skingeek78
    Yes please post in the skin section
  9. persianista
    In the hair section, we do seem to have a particularly bad problem with messers wanting pro advice on how to do DIY jobs. Without wishing to play down the level of skill required to be a good makeup artist, we all apply makeup to ourselves.
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  10. skingeek78
    Oh no! Persianista I am going to do my very best not get upset by that comment. I wash and style my own hair too (most days) and have even been known to trim my own fringe but I would go to a hairdresser if I want it professionally done or advice on products. Ouch.

    And I see lots of posts starting I am not a skin geek but what can I do about this for my skin or what products can I use to fix it. Funnily enough many are only interested in getting products and doing at home instead of going and seeing a skin professional. Trust me it is equally annoying.
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  11. persianista
    Aw don't get upset! I'm well aware of the skill of a great MUA and pro facialist, but I was just pointing out that you don't have the same level of problems that we do on the hair forum. I've never seen a thread asking how to use pro grade microdermabrasion machines at home, or DIY chemical peels for instance.
  12. skingeek78
    You are not wrong! You do seem to bear the brunt of it. Am not upset :-D
  13. dandelionpoppy
    I have seen non-skincare geeks posting on - sorry,but, to me, - really bad skin regimes.

    I do think we skin AND hair Geeks have a common aim; to promote the best ongoing cleansing and moisturising routines for our clients.

    I think there is too much differentiation between our skills. I think they have hugely overlapping areas, and I think we should work together.
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  14. skingeek78
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  15. babychops
    This topic is really annoying me now as there are people still asking for DIY advice and then not listening when we tell them not to do it themselves and go to a salon, it annoys me that people just think we will tell them how to do it/what to use and when we don't they turn nasty! X
  16. skingeek78
    I check first whether someone has entered qualifications or information regarding training before I answer at all really now. However I am always wary of giving out precise treatment information because firstly it is very difficult to do without actually seeing someone in the flesh and secondly this is a public forum. Bear in mind that whatever your answer is will be available not just to the person you answer...but anyone else searching the site whether they are professional or not, this kind of makes it easier to just be courteous and generic in your replies regarding help for treatments I find.
  17. babychops
    I was just trying to help, but I think I'll just not answer in future x
  18. skingeek78
    It's hard isn't it :-(
    I have had it a couple of times also from professionals not trained in a treatment, lesson learnt sadly.

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