I'm not a Hair Geek, but...........

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by izzidoll, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. missdelarocha
    Unfortunately I dare say many people who ARE trained are given incorrect information in all sorts of professions so they go to others for further advice/training if they're left with questions. I'm sure it's difficult when you trust your training provider to give you the right information.
  2. skingeek78
    I am sure you ARE completely right! That is why generally I answer questions if I feel I can help. :-D
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  3. gblashes
    I just posted a question and then saw this post... I feel bad now and wish I hadn't asked! I use the app so didn't know we couldn't ask for advice.


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  4. babychops
    It's ok you can ask advice about the best products (shampoos, conditioners etc) it's just about people asking us how to perform diy services on themselves such as colours and nails, just remember to post in the consumer queries x
  5. KHS
    OOPs..... Sorry Izzydoll, I have been guilty of the ... im not a skin geek ..but....

    This is the 1st time I have used this site on a big screen, normally the phone app so I had no idea these stickies were here... and wonder how everyone got all kinds of smiley icons in their text :biggrin: Now I know
  6. BecNailsBeauty
    Sorry guys im new to this and just posted a thread asking for advice on the exact same thing that you've just stated (hair extensionists not having any cutting/colouring experience).. im such a dunse lol xx:eek:
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  7. kinkyboots33
    Yup, me too - its been mived to consumer queries so probably never answered!

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  8. izzidoll
    I have removed the Sticky status of this, as no one seems to read the Sticky threads anyway!

    As there seems to be a bit of confusion on the site amongst newer Geeks I feel it is an opportune time to bump this thread up, to inform and instruct everyone on what Consumer Queries us about and who and what should be getting posted on the Pro Forums.

    Thank you for reading.
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  9. izzidoll
    As non pros are still posting asking for advice on professional use products I am giving it a try moving this thread to Consumer to see if anyone reads it and thinks twice before posting.

    However I know a lot of people just stumble over this site and post their questions before having a look around and suss ing the site out.
    Therefore there will still be a need for patience and constructive polite replies, if the ability to ignore proves to be impossible.
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  10. Gelous
    Actually I wasn't asking how to colour my own hair as I am going to a salon to get it done.
    Oh my lord string me up for asking for options as I want to make sure the hair dresser I'm going to is capable as they have told me to strip it at home!!!
    If in future I have a hair question guess what??? I'm still going to ask hair geeks thoughts on it so your thread was pointless.

    Thanks kiss kiss hug hug all that
  11. KHS
    This thread isn't all about you and your question! Check the date of the opening post...2013....and by all means ask what you like, but if it's a DIY home job or or colour formulas, no non hair pro will get told that information :)

    Confusion is a lifestyle - not a state of mind :eek:
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  12. jacquelineanna
    Had to chuckle at this :cool:
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  13. Sasha winks
    Ive not been on salon geek in ages, and just come on for a nosey and I've notice a lot non pro's asking for advice on they're hair what is that about😦 how do they find out about the site ?, why would we comment about what box dye etc to use boggles me 😕
  14. Airey fairy

    I think it's because they type on a question into Google and salon geek has a tendency to turn up answering something similar as it is an open site :( If I get asked something that I thinks a bit fishy I check their quals and the OPs prev comments to try and decipher whether I spend time on it or not ... Annoying that they think they can ask such questions 😩xx
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  15. Sasha winks
    I think they should make site private but like i said i would not comment on no pro's hair as anything could happen like everyone said they haven't done the years of training and dont know what techniques to do etc xx
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  16. ColourGirly
    And if it's private you can still sign up to it??

    How would that stop people.
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  17. Sasha winks
    If it private how would they be still using salon geek unless some one they know uses it,wouldn't stubble across it on google then
  18. Airey fairy

    I see what your saying but usually you can spot a non prof a mile off not always but mostly.. plus ( you're all gonna laugh now) but I haven't got a bleddy clue what your on about some times with this 8 base 8GB then put .... Onto it then add 3/4 waaaay over my head so a non prof would be in the same boat luckily :) I think it's harder for beauty treatments / questions as there is not as many formulas with letters and numbers so anyone reading it will understand as its s little more obvious unfortunately :) hey ho .. Non professionals can try and dabble but they'll soon learn it's harder than it looks from both professions :) xx
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  19. Pyretta
    ^This! I don't know how you lot do it because I'd never be able to remember a fraction of the things you guys have to!
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  20. MissKati
    Well, I was going to ask advice on here since, yes, the forum came up in Google search. But after reading this post, and seeing the replies I don't feel very welcome here. Just a few suggestions if this forum doesn't like people who are merely asking advice which anyone can choose to ignore by the way. Maybe the sign up process should be more strict? All I had to do was select a profession (Nails, which I am qualified in. But years ago and barely done nails since) And away I go. Another suggestion is perhaps if it's too hard to filter out all us noobs then create a section just purely for people who are asking questions that annoy you ('Advice on how to dye my hair'?). Then other people on the forum can choose to go there or not.

    Before I signed up I was able to see all posts. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to have this post the only one showing if you are not signed up so that you can filter out noobs like me, as it will be the only post they come across before signing up.

    Just my two cents, I'm not being rude, just felt a little sad when I signed up ready to post then got a bit offended and shut out when I read this post and replies. It's cool I understand but also comes off a bit elitist.

    But man am I glad I read this before posting a question!
    Good day ladies/sir's

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