indian head massage - how much to charge?


i have had my certificate for a couple of months and decided to up my insurance to offer this to the public how much should i charge? been on the net for a looksy but cant really see many prices also how much should i charge for ear piercing?


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I don't do indian head massage myself but the average cost around here is £25 & thats for either 30/45 min treatment depending on salons :hug:


I charge £15 for 30 minute Indian head massage (using oil) and £13 for 20 minute Indian head massage (no oil used). Hope this helps and I surpose it depends on your area.

michelle g

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My beautician charges £15 for indian head massage.but like already
mentioned depends on the area ear piercing from £12 depends on
the earrings.hth check out other places in your area to see what they
are charging.


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I charge £15 for 30 mins indian head massage, including a hair treatment oil. hth


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We charge £20.00 for an Indian head massage,this is a 30 min appointment but 45 for the first appoint to include consultation.HTH

Loulou Mc

I charge £20 for Indian Head Massage but also offer special offer of 5 for the price of 4 for new clients. It does depend on your local area but also find out what they are offering for the price, they might not do a routine like yours and then aren't giving the client as much of a treatment. Don't lower your price until you know exactly what your up against.