Infill other people's work

Do you ever infill over people's work if this be nails or eyelashes, I was always said no I will remove and redo. But have been taken back by someone comment on Facebook, stated that I won't infill her Hollywood lashes they would have to be removed and redone, to which her reply was about a local beauty therapist say how amazing she is and that she can fix anyone work. So back to my question do you infill other people's work or only your own?

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I dont do eyelashes just nails but im perfectly happy to infill other peoples work. Prefer it actually - saves messing about trying to soak off and not knowing how long it needs or if it will even work.
But aren't you just making more work for yourself trying to match up to there work ? Xx


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To be honest where i am most people have clear acrylic with gel or normal polish over the top so no id just file that off.

There are plenty of methods for doing a design change on acrylic designs done with coloured acrylic though.


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Just from my experience I wouldn't say the same to everyone. Ive infilled nails which have been really straight forward but then ive had some that needed attention so had to be redone. I did my first infill of someone elses lashes the other day and the old lashes were shocking all over the place :/ but she insisted just an infill so I infilled them but they needed to come off! All you can do is offer your advice and use your knowledge then what they do is their choice x

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I am a tained lash tech and will never ever ever touch lashes that have been applied elsewhere, I will ALWAYS remove and re-apply. 1) my insurance does not cover anyone else's work
2) I do not know what supplies they have been using, may have adverse affects
3) sometimes others work just isn't how you want it, & I don't let my girls leave unless I am 100% happy for other potential clients to see my work x


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I've Infilled other techs work before (both lashes & nails) but I'm at the point where I can turn them away or offer a new set. I won't do it now as I've had a few sets of MMA that take forever to file. So no I won't do it anymore


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I agree with beautxperts and I'm at the point I refuse as I have enough client now but I did definitely do it in the past to try to gain clients. I did charge extra to fill someone else work to.