Ingrown hair retail product


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Hiya, I am looking to stock a ingrown hair solution for my clients that suffer (particularly their bikini area) what do you all retail and recommend, where do you buy your stock from?

I use Harley wax and they do not offer and ingrown hair product.

Thank you all

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Kaeso bump smoother and afterwax lotion work really well together. Afterwax to soothe as normal then the spray once healed from waxing to use on ingrowns, just a cotton buds amount is fine, then for 3 days before wax to loosen any ingrowns so the wax/tweezers can remove them easily.


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I use Elite Wax Group ingrowing hair terminator and it’s fab


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We use outback organics ingrown hair solution. It's a pinapple enzyme based product which exfoliates to help the hair emerge. Clients love it. It retails at £7.99 I think from memory which is a good price point.

We only sell this to new clients because our regulars don't suffer from ingrown hairs.

We also sell their Bush Balm which is amazing. Very hydrating and soothing. We sell this to regulars to keep ingrown hairs away.